Cargo Vans vs. Box Trucks

May 31st, 2021 by
2021 Chevrolet Express cargo van with rear doors open

Wondering about the difference between cargo vans vs. box trucks? Our cargo truck and box truck comparison makes it easy to decide between the two. Check out how the two differ in their construction, the pros and cons of both cargo vans and box trucks. After checking out our quick guide, contact us for more information and arrange your test drive in Winter Haven!

What is a Cargo Van?

What is a cargo van? Cargo vans are one-piece vehicles that feature cargo areas that you can access from within the van for all your Lakeland and Haines City hauling needs. A cargo van looks like a passenger van from the outside and generally has rear doors for loading and unloading cargo, as well as sliding side doors. Cargo vans are often used by professionals and feature cargo guards that can separate the passenger area and cargo area. 

What is a Box Truck? 

What is a box truck? Box trucks are also commonly called cube vans or box vans around Davenport. Box trucks get their name from the distinctive cargo area shaped like a box that rests on their frame. On box trucks, the cargo area is separated from its interior and can’t be accessed from the cab. The straight sides on box trucks help them to haul more cargo than cargo vans and are used by moving companies. Other box trucks are used specifically to haul large items. Box trucks also often have roll-up doors on the rear that make it simple to fit big cargo items inside!

Cargo Van or Box Truck?

Now that you’ve learned more about the differences between cargo vans and box trucks, you may be wondering which is right for you! Here are some of the key differences you’ll want to keep in mind as you’re deciding between the two:

Cargo Van:

  • Handling resembles a traditional van. 
  • Its compact size makes maneuvering and parking easier. 
  • You can access cargo and tools from the interior. 

Box Truck:

  • The larger size and flat sides make it easier to store more cargo. 
  • The rolling back door makes loading and unloading simpler. 
  • The flat sides can be used for advertising. 
2021 Chevy Cutaway Van

Discover Box Trucks and Cargo Vans at Chevrolet Center!

At Chevrolet Center, we leave the guesswork out of comparing cargo vans vs. box trucks and are here to help you understand which option is best for you or your business. Have more questions? Contact us today to learn more and to arrange your test drive. Already sold on your next box truck or cargo van? We offer online financing and new Chevrolet specials to make getting behind the wheel even easier!

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