How to Rotate Tires Yourself

how to rotate your tires

Whether you rotate your tires on our own or visit our service department at Chevrolet Center Inc, do not skip out on this essential maintenance. Rotating your tires on a regular basis gives better traction on Lakeland roads and extends the life of your tires. Chevrolet Center Inc has your guide to rotating your tires, so your tires keep working as long as possible.

Why is Tire Rotation Necessary?

Because driving habits differ, all tires will not wear evenly. Because of the impact they endure while turning, the outside edges of the front tires will show more wear while the rear tires wear more evenly. This means that if you leave your tires in place, they’re going to wear down at different rates and you will need to replace them much sooner.

How Often to Rotate Your Tires

Front and rear wheel drive vehicles will typically need a tire rotation done every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. All-wheel drive vehicles require more changes at every 3,000 to 5,000 miles since all tires are actively engaged, which results in faster wear. As with most vehicle service, we recommend referring to your owner’s manual for more specific recommendations.

Tire Position

  • FWD Tires: Move the front tires to the back of the car in the same left/right positions. When it comes time to move the rear tires to the front, you must switch the right and left tire.
  • RWD Tires: The opposite is true with RWD vehicles. The rear tires can be moved to the front of the car in the same left/right positions, but when you move the front tires to the rear, you need to switch the left and right tire.

Rotating Your Tires

Are you going to be rotating your own tires? If so, you will need a car jack, lug nut wrench, and a set of car jacks. After getting the necessary tools, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Engage the parking brake for an extra measure of safety.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts on all four wheels without entirely removing them. This step makes unscrewing them when the tire is elevated much easier.
  3. Lift up one wheel with the car jack and place the jack stand underneath it.
  4. Remove the tires one by one.
  5. Take this time to make sure your tires are filled to the optimal tire pressure. Once filled, you can rotate them according to the appropriate pattern for your type of tires. Place the tire back onto the wheel mount and screw the lug nuts on by hand as far as you can.
  6. Lower the car from the jack stands and use the lug wrench to finish tightening the nuts. It’s best to work the lug nuts diagonally from one to another in a star pattern to ensure even tightening. If the lug nuts aren’t tightened evenly, it can cause the brake rotor to warp.

Get Assistance With Tire Rotation at Chevrolet Center Inc

Not ready to do your own tire rotation? The trained technicians at Chevrolet Center Inc have you covered! We offer a rotating selection of service coupons to help you save on your next visit. Contact us today with any questions on additional topics like how to unlock a steering wheel, the benefits of OEM parts, or to schedule your service appointment!

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