Learn How To Unlock A Steering Wheel

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Have you ever gotten in your vehicle, ready to head off to work in Lakeland, only to realize your steering wheel is locked? There’s no need to panic, though it may be your first reaction. If you’re having problems starting your vehicle or your key won’t turn in the ignition, it’s possible that a locked steering wheel is the cause. Find out how to unlock a steering wheel with the experts at the Chevrolet Center Inc service center, and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Steps to Unlocking a Steering Wheel

Follow the steps below to successfully unlock your steering wheel, avoiding damage to any internal components:

  • Avoid Excessive Force: No matter how confident you may be in your arm strength, there is simply no way to force your steering wheel to move when it’s locked. If anything, you may end up causing costly damage to the components of the steering mechanism. Instead of trying to use brute strength, try turning your key to the “on” position, and carefully use varying amounts of pressure while you wiggle the key back and forth.
  • Try Multiple Techniques: If you can’t even get your key to the “on” position, try slowly turning it in the ignition with one hand, while you slowly adjust the wheel back and forth with your other. This can help to realign the steering wheel components so you can start your car.
  • Use a Different Key: If the key you’ve been using for years suddenly isn’t working, you can turn to a Haines City area dealership like Chevrolet Center Inc to have a new one made. Over time, the shape of a key can deteriorate with frequent use, meaning it’s possible that your key is no longer able to engage your vehicle’s tumblers. A dealership can make a new key using the serial number of your vehicle, rather than just making an exact copy of an already worn out key.

Need More Help? Turn to Chevrolet Center Inc

If you’ve tried the steps we detailed above on how to unlock a steering wheel, and you aren’t having any luck, our Winter Haven service center is here to provide additional assistance. Give us a call at (863) 294-7371, and a member of our team can walk you through unlocking your steering wheel. You’ll be back on the roads in Davenport before you know it! Need more service tips on other topics, like the proper maintenance schedule to follow or how to jump-start your car? We can help with that, too! Our factory-trained technicians have lots of experience to share with you, so be sure to check back for more service advice in the future.

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